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Risk and Protective Factors
Risk and Protective Factors for Substance Use and Abuse
The more "risks" a child has in their childhood and adolescents, the more likely they are to develop problems with alcohol and other substances as an adult. Also, the more we can reduce those risks and increase protective factors, the less likely the child is to experience health and social problems. 
Risk and protective factors are separated into five groups; individual, peer, family, school and  community/society. 
The risk and protective factors are broken down for each group. For example, under the "individual" group: If a child believes that most of his or her friends use drugs, the more likely they are to use themselves. A protective factor for this "risk" is to increase the child's knowledge about the consequences associated with drug use. 
Please follow the "download" link below to see the list of risk and protective factors for substance use and abuse.