The Dinner Table Project

A program for families to eat together, have fun, and grow closer through conversation.
About The Dinner Table Project
We all know healthly meals and family conversations are important, but sometimes after a long, hectic day it’s not so easy to get that dinner to the table!  That’s where we come in! Over this upcoming year, we will provide you with easy recipes, conversation starters and fun games to help get you started. We want to hear what you think– please post your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, games, recipes, questions, etc. on the website, under the Contact tab, let your Family Resource Center know or send us an e-mail!  We will then share them with everyone!
Do you like the idea? Wouldn’t it be great if this really caught on? Want to take it further? How about a School/Community Dinner Project? What a powerful way to create a support system for families! Perhaps your church or some other group would like to organize one of these dinners. If so, let us know! We would love to help!
You may be asking, “Why is a Regional Prevention Center interested in family dinners?” or “What does this have to do with substance abuse?”. Research shows us that there are several benefits to strong families. Here are just a few:
· Better academic performance
· Higher self-esteem
· Greater sense of resilience
· Lower risk of substance abuse
· Lower risk of teen pregnancy
· Lower risk of depression
· Lower likelihood of developing eating disorders
· Lower rates of obesity
We know you want these for your kids, too!