The Dinner Table Project

A program for families to eat together, have fun, and grow closer through conversation.

May 2018 newsletter with special summer edition!

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It is important to understand risk and protective factors when trying to prevent substance and alcohol abuse. Click on the link below to learn more.

The Search Institute has identified building blocks of healthy development for four age groups. The 40 Developmental Assets have been proven to help youth grow up caring and responsible. Click the link below to get the full lists.

Risk and Protective Factors
Developmental Assets
What is
The Dinner Table Project?
It’s a new year! It’s a great time for doing new things, to start new projects. The Regional Prevention Center in partnership with your local Family Resource/ Youth Services Center wants this to be the year of                    
The Dinner Table Project!

Families come in all shapes and sizes:  One parent or two, maybe grandparents, step-parents, siblings, step-siblings, however the family comes, it is a Family! In this busy day and age with working parents, after school activities and just life in general, it is hard to find the time for families to have fun together and talk about what is important. But time spent in conversation and fun as a family is important in helping children grow up healthy, caring and responsible. I know we all want that for our kids! 

We want to encourage families to sit down, turn the TV, iPads, phones and other electronic devices off and talk! Have dinner as a family 3 or 4 times a week! The more it becomes a habit the easier it will be.  Each month a newsletter will be sent home with recipes, talking points, games and other ideas to help make this a little easier. Also each month, we will be introducing 3 or 4 “developmental assets” for you to think and talk to your child/ren about. Please let us know any ideas you have for our newsletter. Send us your favorite recipes, games and other ideas. We want your input and we need your help!
Make this the year of The Dinner Table Project!